Nurgle's Interview with Tory Lane!

November 21, 2013 - Check out our exclusive interview with Tory Lane!

Nurgle: Set the sexy scene for your fans - What does your bed set up look like?

Tory Lane: My bed set up??? Hahahaha don't be too disappointed guys its just a boring old king size with soft sheets.. I have a whole other room I use when I want to get nasty.

Nurgle: How would you describe your personality?

Tory Lane: My personality I would describe as competitive,tough cocky with fun loving thrown in there too.

Nurgle: We think you’re hilarious and the most entertaining pornstar to watch. Do you just yell random shit on the fly or does you think of what to say/have any kind of script?

Tory Lane: I'm kind of known for thinking on the fly as far as saying funny shit...The crew usually get a good laugh out of me..

Nurgle: Is "Fuck Me in My Nursehole" your best line ever? (well I think it is!)

Tory Lane: Fuck my nursehole would be up there.

Nurgle: What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you while working?

Tory Lane: I done a scene with 2 gay men way back called 'bi the way' they totally didnt even look at me..felt like I was siting in the corner.

Nurgle: Are you just as wild in your personal life as you are in your porn scenes?

Tory Lane: I'm kinda fun and crazy in my personal life too.. known as the party girl.. also people know not to fuck with me.

Nurgle: Name 1 thing most people don't know about you?

Tory Lane: I'm a quiet country gal at heart.. I live on acres with my 4 dogs.

Nurgle: What kind of underwear do you wear when you go out?

Tory Lane: Your supposed to wear underwear????

Nurgle: What's your favorite part of your job?

Tory Lane: I have met some really great friends doing this job, it would be that.. And I get to Fuck and get paid.

Nurgle: What was your favorite sexual experience and why?

Tory Lane: Favorite sexual experience ???? geez???? I love it all ways to hard to narrow that down.

Nurgle: Is this image your most favourite picture you have taken :P

Tory Lane: Hey I remember that pic.. send me more panties they where comfy!!!!!!!