Nurgle's Interview with Mindy Vega!

September 28, 2006 - Hi Mindy, thanks for taking the time to do this interview! I hope we've asked some new questions. ;) -Nurgle

Nurgle: Mindy, you're body is amazing. Do you do anything special to stay in shape?

Mindy Vega: Thank you! No, I don't do anything. I don't even work out. I guess I was just blessed with a good metabolism. Both of my parent are thin.

Nurgle: What's something you really like about yourself?

Mindy Vega: I guess it would be my booty. Everyone loves my it, so I'm very happy that I was born with it :-)

Nurgle: Name one thing most people don't know about you?

Mindy Vega: I'm a great cook. I love to be in the kitchen making up my own recipes. Maybe one day I will write a cookbook :-)

Nurgle: What kind of underwear do you wear when you go out?

Mindy Vega: I only wear thongs or g-strings. Sometimes I don't wear any Heeeheee

Nurgle: How do you think working in the adult industry has affected your feelings about sex or relationships?

Mindy Vega: It has helped me be more adventures & kinky in bed hehee

Nurgle: Some people believe pornography is degrading to women; obviously there are some movies/sites that actually focus on projecting that the actresses are being degraded, but for porn in general, what are your thoughts?

Mindy Vega: I think most people enjoy porn. Even the ones that don't admit it or talk trash about it. Sex is natural thing and watching other people having amazing sex is a turn on! How can it not be HAAHAA! I love well made porn movies. Andrew Blake or Ninn Worx type of movies. Classy, erotic porn!! HOT!!!

Nurgle: Do you have a favorite adult movie? Why does it stand out more than others for you?

Mindy Vega: Oh my. I have no idea which is my favorite. Any erotic classy movie with HOT couples. I also enjoy watching hot threesomes! ;-)

Nurgle: What is the best sex toy in the world and why?

Mindy Vega: The vibrating bullet/egg. That's my favorite because it's so powerful and you can adjust the level of power too.

Nurgle: Out of the shoots you've done, which is your favorite?

Mindy Vega: Hmmm, I would say the shoot I did for Club International Magazine. I think the photography was great and I also like the way they did my hair and makeup. It wasn't over done. It was more like the real me and what I look like in my everyday life.

Nurgle: Do you have a favorite girl to work with?

Mindy Vega: I enjoyed all the girls that I've shot with but if I had to pick a favorite it would be Crissy Moran because we are very similar in size and we work well together. She's a sweetheart! Also Anita Dark. I worked with her recently and she is great! Sexy & very sweet!

Nurgle: When you're doing a shoot, is it the photographer or the chemistry that does most of the directing? ;)

Mindy Vega: A little of both ;-)

Nurgle: Are you a true exhibitionist in your personal life?

Mindy Vega: Oh YES!!! Very much! I go to the nude beach all the time & when ever possible I'm exposing myself heehee. It's a real turn on for me!

Nurgle: Who is this "Boy Toy" and is he still around? You seem to enjoy him. ;)

Mindy Vega: HAAHAA ... "Boy Toy" is a friend that my man let me play around with a few times and yes I did enjoy him very much!

Nurgle: What started the wonderful

Mindy Vega: About 6 years ago I attended a Madri Gras like event called Fantasy Fest in Key West, Florida. I started flashing for all the cameras and soon realized I loved to be an exhibitionist. Later I submitted some pics to a website where other would rate them. After such a great respond... was born!

Nurgle: Tell us something special about your website.

Mindy Vega: I do just about everything for it myself. I edit the photos & videos, update, customer service, Fan mail, etc.

Nurgle: When are you going to make mad love to Nurgle??!

Mindy Vega: HAHAA funny question! hmmm I won't answer this one and leave it a mystery heeheee

She wants me!