Nurgle's Interview with Lisa Daniels!

November 6, 2013 - Check out our exclusive interview with Lisa Daniels!

Nurgle: Set the sexy scene for your fans - What does your bed set up look like?

Lisa Daniels: I have all white sheets, I have a drawer next to my bed which is filled with toys in different sizes and lubricates, I have candles around my bed and everything smells really clean.

Nurgle: What's the craziest thing you've ever been asked to do on film?

Lisa Daniels: I think the craziest thing I have been asked to do was to go sky diving topless for a scene with Reality Kings when I worked for the MILFNEXTDOOR site here in LA.

Nurgle: Have you had any crazy run-ins with fans?

Lisa Daniels: Not really most are really respectful, or get really excited to have come across me.

Nurgle: What's your favorite gift you've ever received from a fan?

Lisa Daniels: I love being spoiled, and I spoil back to show my appreciation, but my favorite gift had to be my IPAD, thank you Oscar for my IPAD!

Nurgle: Do you have any kinks or fetishes your fans don't know about?

Lisa Daniels: I am pretty much the same person I am on camera in my personal life.

Nurgle: What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you while working?

Lisa Daniels: I would have to say falling off the bed, I got caught up in the moment forgot where I was at and fell off, of course that part of video was deleted.

Nurgle: If you could completely revamp your look and just be completely different - what would you want to do?

Lisa Daniels: I'm not sure, cause I think beauty comes in within, and sexuality comes from comfidence and being comfortable in your own skin.

Nurgle: What do you like getting dressed up in more - really hot lingerie, sexy costumes, or bikinis?

Lisa Daniels: Less is more to me so a simple bikini with great hair and makeup can be really sexy.

Nurgle: Do you keep any sex toys close to your bed - in a night stand or anything? What's your favorite toy to play with?

Lisa Daniels: I definately do I have 3, a pink vibrator and a white vibrator and a bullet.

Nurgle: What kind of underwear do you wear when you go out?

Lisa Daniels: Always lace!

Nurgle: How do you feel about being recognized in public?

Lisa Daniels: That's part of the job so it's something to be expected.

Nurgle: Any strange addictions?

Lisa Daniels: No I'm pretty normal or boring, whatever you want to call it. :)