Nurgle's Interview with Kimberly Kendall!

April 6, 2014 - Check out our exclusive interview with Kimberly Kendall!

Nurgle: How did you get started in porn?

Kimberly Kendall: I started out as a glamour model working in Chicago. When I moved to Scottsdale, Arizona I modeled there as well as drove out to Los Angeles often for photo shoots. One morning I woke up and thought, "I need something different". I wanted something more exciting - crazier. I had always been an extremely sexual person and loved watching porn, I had even been infatuated with the idea of having sex on camera. So I did some research online and contacted people in the industry and now I'm here. I decided to do porn on my own and made the necessary connections.

Nurgle: Set the sexy scene for your fans - What does your bed set up look like?

Kimberly Kendall: I have a king size bed with satin blue sheets and a white comforter. My favorite part is the huge metal headboard that stretches across the front of the bed. It can get a little noisy when having wild sex. Love it though.

Nurgle: What's the craziest thing you've ever been asked to do on film?

Kimberly Kendall: I've had offers for a lot of fetish work. I've been asked to pee in a cup and drink it, as well as put milk up my butt hole and squirt it into a cup; and then drink it. I have done neither. I will never do something I'm not comfortable doing or wouldn't do in my personal life for any amount of money. I keep if sexy.

Nurgle: Have you had any crazy run ins with fans?

Kimberly Kendall: Not yet, but I can't wait to. I'm good at handling crazy situations and they make life more exciting!

Nurgle: What's your favorite gift you've ever received from a fan?

Kimberly Kendall: All of my fans are amazing and my gifts are much appreciated. My favorite would have to be this kick ass pair of black leather knee-high boots. Totally fetish. I also received a book one of my fans wrote themselves and had published. That was so cool and very sentimental.

Nurgle: Do you prefer to do hardcore or softcore?

Kimberly Kendall: I love slow, passionate, intimate sex with lots of kissing, eye contact, and slow strokes, but I also love it extremely rough. I like a mix of fast and slow, soft and hard. I can't just have one or the other. I like to be slapped, spit on, choked, and dirty talked as nasty as possible. Mind fuck me. I love gagging and getting really crazy. However, it can't be only that. Fuck me like you love me and hate me all at once. I like a good mix.

Nurgle: Do you have any kinks or fetishes your fans don't know about?

Kimberly Kendall: I love dirty talking. Get in my head. That turns me on like no other. I also love big breasts - HUGE. Oil also drives me wild.

Nurgle: What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you while working?

Kimberly Kendall: I've never had anything super funny in particular happen that I can think of. Set is always a good time and always full of laughs when you're working on an enjoyable set.

Nurgle: What do you like getting dressed up in more - really hot lingerie or sexy costumes or bikinis?

Kimberly Kendall: I love sexy lingerie in the bedroom and on set. I feel a little silly sometimes in costumes, and bikinis are mostly reserved for the pool.

Nurgle: Do you keep any sex toys close to your bed - in a night stand or anything? What's your favorite toy to play with?

Kimberly Kendall: I have toys in a drawer right next to the bed. It also has lingerie and other fun things in it. It's my "sexy drawer" haha. I have vibrators, anal plugs of various sizes, glass dilletos, and of course my hitachi. My hitachi is by far my favorite.

Nurgle: What kind of underwear do you wear when you go out?

Kimberly Kendall: I always wear thongs. I don't like panty lines so thongs do the job.

Nurgle: How do you feel about being recognized in public?

Kimberly Kendall: I generally don't. I don't know if I've reached that status yet or if people are just too scared to approach me. Also, nothing about me screams the stereotypical "porn star" look. I dress extremely classy in long dresses, high necklines, pumps, small stud earrings, etc. When I tell people I do porn they're blown away. People don't understand that not all women in porn dress slutty and tacky. If they saw me in the bedroom they would understand why I do porn. Haha.

Nurgle: Any Strange Addictions?

Kimberly Kendall: None. No vices for me.