Nurgle's Interview with Catalina Cruz!

September 28, 2013 - Check out our exclusive interview with Catalina Cruz!

Nurgle: Set the sexy scene for your fans - What does your bed set up look like?

Catalina Cruz: My bed at home has four big wood pillars. I always wanted a bed like that. Romantic to me. Yes, I do have a romantic heart as many girls do. On the other hand, I have watched many porn movies from this bed too:)

Nurgle: Have you had any crazy run-ins with fans?

Catalina Cruz: Nothing too crazy but when I went on a cruise with my family, a fan kept yelling my name over and over very loud. If itís a fan expo, no big deal and I love to meet fans. Without them, there is nothing. I have had some call my home and ask for Catalina Cruz. I donít know how they get the number but usually through someone you know.

Nurgle: What's your favorite gift you've ever received from a fan?

Catalina Cruz: The gifts I remember the most are when I have had fans hand draw me from a photo. I had a fan who was an artist from France draw me and it's just amazing the talent that is out there and that he took the time to draw me.

Nurgle: Are you a exhibitionist in your personal life, like you are on cam?

Catalina Cruz: When the cam turns on it is completely a turn on. I loved to be watched. Yet, if I would be at home with the window in my bathroom, I make sure the blinds are closed if I am undressed. To me, itís a little different maybe its safety with the cam knowing I invited them to watch.

Nurgle: Do you have any kinks or fetishes your fans don't know about?

Catalina Cruz: I just recently found a new fetish during a live cam show I did. I will be using extra virgin olive oil in more of my shows! Its so much better than baby oil! Nice and thick, feels amazing and looks great too for the viewers.

Nurgle: What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you while working?

Catalina Cruz: The funniest thing that has happened is when Johovah witnesses showed up during a show and were trying to peek in to see what was going on and I did an army crawl so they wouldnít see me. They were literally peeking through a little hole! Not so funny.. would be when detectives would show up on different sets over the years.

Nurgle: If you could completely revamp your look and just be completely different - what would you want to do?

Catalina Cruz: Physically, I would go with very small boobs. I love my boobs but just to be completely different. Variety is the spice of life. I also have to admit I love tattoos on girls but havent gone crazy with them so maybe I would do a sleeve for fun. I truly believe though all this doesn't matter, its what is in the inside that counts. I just want to have inner peace and happiness:)

Nurgle: What do you like getting dressed up in more - really hot lingerie, sexy costumes, or bikinis?

Catalina Cruz: I have the most fun with my live shows/scenes when I have a sexy costumes on like a beer maiden or prisoner. I love to role play and have cheesy porn lines. Bikinis I love because I like the way my boobs look in tiny bikini tops to be honest.

Nurgle: Do you keep any sex toys close to your bed - in a night stand or anything? What's your favorite toy to play with?

Catalina Cruz: I have actual cases of toys that are in my bedroom closet for easy access if in the mood. Any toy can be my favorite! lol

Nurgle: What kind of underwear do you wear when you go out?

Catalina Cruz: Usually a no lining g string so you cannot see it so its basically wearing nothing.

Nurgle: How do you feel about being recognized in public?

Catalina Cruz: If itís the right timing, I love it! But if I'm with certain family members it would be nice if people would be discreet since I am an adult performer.

Nurgle: Any Strange Addictions?

Catalina Cruz: Nothing too strange, although being within close driving range of Las Vegas can be addicting. It is a quick and nice getaway.

Nurgle: Is meeting Nurgle in Las Vegas one of your career highlights? :)

Catalina Cruz: Of course! I have to admit you are a very handsome webmaster, those are hard to come by:) I hope to see you face again soon!