Monique Noel Playboy Centerfold Miss May 1989

Monique Noel Playboy Centerfold
Monique Noel's Bio
HEIGHT: 5' 7"
WEIGHT: 114 lbs
AMBITIONS: To work as a film actress, travel the world and build a ranch in the Southwest.
TURN-ONS: Classical music, dancing, wildflowers, Laker games, getting my back scratched, spooning.
TURNOFFS: People who whine, violence and screaming babies on airplanes.
FAVORITE BOOKS: "The Scarlet Letter," "Chronicles of Narnia," "The Bridge Across Forever," "Living in the Light."
FINANCIAL PLANS: I'm going to cut all my credit cards in half!
TRAVEL PLANS: An out-of-body experience with the man I love.
HEROES: Einstein, Martina Navratilova, Robin Williams.
IN A PAST LIFE: I was a fairy princess in a wood full of gnomes!
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Playboy Centerfold Monique Noel May 1989