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Brooke Berry Playboy Centerfold Miss May 2000

Brooke Berry Playboy Centerfold
Brooke Berry's Bio
BIRTHPLACE: British Columbia Canada
MEASUREMENTS: 36C-24 1/2-34
HEIGHT: 5' 8"
WEIGHT: 115 lbs
AMBITIONS: To get my masters degree in English and to live a successful, happy life.
TURN-ONS: Intelligence, confidence, humor. A person who wants to succeed and can.
TURNOFFS: Arrogant, vain and selfish people. Also, bad breath or body odor.
I COULD NEVER BE: Dishonest.
I COULDN'T LIVE WITHOUT: Good companionship, my dog Sadie, music and Lake Tahoe.
WORDS TO LIVE BY: --Always be a good person and a good friend and respect everybody.
THE HARDEST PART OF BEING A PLAYMATE: Is filling out this Data Sheet!
May 2000 Magazine
Playboy Magazine May 2000

Playboy Centerfold Brooke Berry May 2000