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Bonnie Marino Playboy Centerfold Miss June 1990

Bonnie Marino Playboy Centerfold
Bonnie Marino's Bio
BIRTHPLACE: Cleveland, Ohio USA
HEIGHT: 5' 8 1/2"
WEIGHT: 128 lbs
AMBITIONS: To further contribute to Playboy. Advance my medical and modeling career. Become a mother.
TURN-ONS: Silk nightgowns, warm summer months, soft whispers, interesting conversations, trust in relationships, physical fitness.
TURNOFFS: Crime, drugs and environmental abuse.
FAVORITE TV STARS: Tracey Ullman, Shelley Long, Arsenio Hall.
FAVORITE AUTHORS: Russell W. Lake, Adelle Davis, Jules Verne.
FAVORITE MUSICIANS: Eric Clapton, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Elvis Presley.
I AM WHO I AM BECAUSE: Of freedom of choice, supportive family and friends, plus following my intuition and occasionally my heart.
IDEAL EVENING: Sailing to a remote beach house, off the mainland, then having a fresh seafood dinner, as the golden sun sets, with the man I love.
June 1990 Magazine
Playboy Magazine June 1990

Playboy Centerfold Bonnie Marino June 1990